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Meet The Team

Sometimes we ask ourselves that same question, especially after a very good weekend. Here are just some of the hard-working individuals behind TAKE 5.

Marina Sacht – Editor/Publisher

Don’t let that title fool you because our fearless leader is as approachable as an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Armed with a diploma in journalism from Langara, and years of writing, she landed on Vancouver Island. The dream job she wanted didn’t exist so she created one.

Prior to TAKE 5, Marina was editor of North Shore Magazine and co-publisher of Pacific Horse Journal. Email Marina editor [at] take5 [dot] ca

CIndy Damphousse, Ladysmith to Cedar Visitor Guide, special projects

Cindy Damphousse – Sales and Marketing

Give me a call at the office and we can tailor make an advertising campaign to fit your budget. Or if that doesn’t work I know where you live, it’s a small town!  Prior to Take 5, Cindy worked at the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. Email Cindy at info [at] take5 [dot] ca

Allen McDermid – Sales and Marketing                Allen

Allen McDermid is “the new guy” at Take 5. Born a prairie boy, he decided to uproot the family and move to paradise island, Ladysmith. Allen brings years of retail and advertising sales experience as well a love for the community he now calls home. He enjoys meeting people and sharing his enthusiasm for Ladysmith.

“I am very fortunate to be working at TAKE 5 with such a dynamic group of individuals who are dedicated to promoting the community”.  When Allen is not volunteering at the Ladysmith Archives, Ladysmith Historical Revitalization Commission or Ladysmith Search and Rescue, he can usually be found at Transfer Beach or the Holland Creek trail where he walks his dogs. Drop by the TAKE 5 office and say hi.

 Angie Haslam – Graphic Designer

More effervescent than sparkly and more gothic than modern. Angie survived Malaspina graphic design boot camp to take on local freelance. A thoughtful and engaging design collaborator with her creative counterpart Trish. Walks the line between bustling motherhood and burgeoning visual communicator. Passionate gardener, chicken-whisperer, photographer and lecturer (well, to her husband)! Looking forward to continuing to work with the gals at the office, and watching my children grow in beautiful Ladysmith! Email her at design [at] take5 [dot] ca

Rob Johnson, As I See It

Rob Johnson – photographer/writer

Sometimes called “Mr. Ladysmith” Rob Johnson is a long time resident of Ladysmith with roots going back to 1900. (Some say his roots go so deep that he has root rot.)

Rob cares deeply about the town and its history. He has shared his stories about the town and area for years doing harbour boat and walking tours for visitors. Rob served on the Town of Ladysmith’s council as well as Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, Ladysmith & District Historical Society and many community groups.

You’ll see him with his camera in hand so watch out or you’ll can be added to his rogues gallery.

Jill Collins, On The Beaten PathJill Collins – ‘On the Beaten Path’ columnist

Active outdoor adventure mom / writer

Born and raised in Alberta, Jill and her family moved to Vancouver Island in 2007.  In Alberta they enjoyed exploring the foothills of the Rocky Mountains from their rustic cabin.  After many adventurous years they had explored almost every mountain, trail and creek in the area.  It was a chance family vacation to Tofino in 2006 when they realized the endless outdoor activites the island had to offer.  Moving to Vancouver Island became a perfect fit and not just with outdoor adventures.  Jill took on a whole new challenge and began writing about their outdoor experiences as a young family with two small children.  A challenge that has rewarded her in so many ways.

Prior to TAKE 5, Jill was an accountant for a casino in Edmonton.  Today she crunches letters rather than numbers and is working on writing her first book.

Laurie Gourlay, Another Beautiful DayLaurie Gourlay – ‘Another Beautiful Day’ columnist

Born in the land o’ Scots, kilted and stubborn at times, I now find myself on an organic farm, married to one heck of a beauty, with four collies and two cats sharing house – and three sheep and a couple of horsies in the barn …wondering how I got so lucky?

A well-travelled multi-continental hitchhiker in my youth, a couple of decades working with MPs on Parliament Hill, as well as BC MLA’s …and never short of community projects since we aspiring local defenders formed MISSI – the Mid Island Sustainability & Stewardship Initiative. Oh yeah, and the shingle at the top of the lane says I’m a consultant too. Life’s sweet, and so’s my tooth!

Delbert Horrocks, TAKE 5, Slightly CorkedDelbert Horrocks – ‘Slightly Corked’ columnist

For twenty-five years Delbert was co proprietor of the Mahle House restaurant where they cut his shifts over too many incidents of spilt soup. There he learned not to take life too seriously but to always obey his wife. He is currently writing a book about the restaurant business and one day hopes to, if not be the editor of a magazine, then to at least be a co publisher of a horse journal if they’re willing to lower their standards.
Delbert put together award wining wine lists.