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Mt Brenton School property

In March there was a meeting to consider the purchase of Mt Brenton School and property of 5 ½ acres.  There will now be a follow up meeting with further information on June 10 at 7 pm at Mt Brenton Centre on South Oyster School Road.

Historically, residents of Saltair enjoyed the community benefits and use of the former Mount Brenton School property and building as a public gathering and local community event space in addition to the recreation amenities at Saltair Centennial Park. Central to the community of Saltair, the former school property and Saltair Centennial Park were accessible from all parts of the community (north, west, south and east). To many in the community, the sale of the school property by the School District in 2004 was a significant loss and created uncertainty about the future for this space in the heart of Saltair, even though the land remains zoned P2 (Parks and Institutional).

There is an opportunity now to re-unite these two valued community spaces through the acquisition of the 5.5 acre former Mount Brenton School property, which is currently offered for sale at $369,000 (about $67,000 per acre). Prior listing of the property over the past several years have been as high as $700,000; however the property remains zoned Parks and Institutional from the days it was used as a school.  To compare the price, the property across the street is listed at $229,000/acre. So the price is quite enticing.

I hope you are able to attend the community meeting on June 10th at 7pm at Mt Brenton Centre on South Oyster School Road as your input to this important.

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