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Directors’ Notes

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The Election
I want to thank everyone who voted for me in election (391) and those others who also exercised their democratic vote to express themselves. I have always tried my best to do the best for Saltair. I am proud of the community that we have built together moving ahead to provide the best for others that follow. During an election campaign it forces the elected person to refocus on the goals that have been set for the community. It is also good for the community to be able to say what they want us to do in the future together and it is healthy in a democracy to openly say why they are disappointed.
The Water System
We did the water petition that allowed us to raise the parcel tax by $358 for 15 years so we could upgrade the Saltair water system. That petition process was democracy at the ultimate level where 23 petitioners went door to door for approval. We are now moving into the 3rd year of the upgrades of about $350,000 per year. We also built a huge new $600,000 water storage tank beside the road up to our water source, Stocking Lake, on the right hand side. This tank gives us gives us adequate storage of treated water in the event of a water break or a fire emergency. This tank was paid for by reserve funds and gas tax grants. CVRD engineering staff has a five year plan where all the engineering has been done. The plan addresses the problem of water break areas of high pressure, low flow areas, poor circulation areas as well as fire protection.
The Community Centre
Mt Brenton School and 5 1/2 acres of school grounds were recently purchased by the CVRD for an addition to Centennial Park and a community centre for Saltair. The purchase price was $300,000 and will be paid for over 5 yrs from the Saltair Recreation budget and the Saltair Parks budget. We also have funds in the parkland acquisition fund. The centre is presently being rented by a day care and they cover the heat and light. We are forming a non profit society that will run the community centre. We have had two meetings and are working on getting the ground work done for spring operation. There will be a public meeting in January to discuss our progress and plans. Volunteers and members will be needed.
Sunny Saltair
We will continue to work on the branding of Saltair as “Sunny Saltair.” If and when John Morris builds his small lot commercial development next to Byron’s Store we will give the frontage a Mediterranean look as a message that we are “Sunny Saltair.” You will notice palm trees at several locations in Saltair now with more to come. Yucca plants and New Zealand flax may be added. It adds interest and costs very little money in the great scheme of things. It also adds value to your property with our beautiful parks and pleasant trails for recreation. Your property will also sell more easily. I encourage residents to show a palm tree look to the curbside of their property.


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