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The term healthy lifestyle is tossed around like a football on game day, but what does that really mean? For some, a healthy lifestyle is being at the gym seven days a week, for others it is walking the dog and staying away from sugar. All these choices are part of doing the right thing, but a healthy lifestyle means  finding the right balance of actions and healthy choices and being happy in what you do, because if you don’t like what you are doing, you won’t do it. Finding that “thing,” whether its hiking, swimming, dancing and so on, has to be right for you. Keep exploring until you find it so that it becomes how you live and not just a routine. Following  are some tips and some ideas to get you started on a lifestyle that you can live by.

Grey skies and dreary days can seem unbearable during the winter months. In order to boost your mood, try these strategies suggested by Great Life Counselling’s Tricia Toth.

How to Beat the Winter Blues:

  • Let the light in, literally! Open the blinds and curtains. Even small amounts of sunlight make a difference in increasing serotonin, which improves mood, melatonin for improved sleep and provide us with vitamin D.
  • Go outside. and enjoy the fresh air. Fresh air cleans the lungs, boosts your immune system, increases your energy level and stamina.
  • Get moving and be as active as you can during the winter months. It can be a difficult time to get motivated; however, the payoff is significant both physically and mentally.
  • Help others. The winter months are a perfect time to offer your assistance, such as helping out at the local shelter or food bank, or helping a neighbour. Acts of kindness not only help the recipient, but provide us with a confidence boost and offer life purpose.
  • Talk to a counsellor. If you are unable to get out of your funk, talking it out with a professional can provide a neutral sounding board where you are supported in exploring additional coping strategies.

Tricia has been helping empower families for over two decades. She works as a clinical counsellor and is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and the BC College of Social Workers. She has worked as a forensic therapist and is able to provide court ordered treatment, as well as is recognized through the BC Crime Victims Assistance Program.

We are fortunate to have access to many health-related programs that are available at the Ladysmith  Resources Centre. Staying healthy is not just for the body alone; the mind is an important part of over good health. From birth to senior living, there are programs for everyone to benefit from. Programs offered through the counselling centre are available at no charge. There is a broad spectrum of support  by trained volunteers under the supervision of our program coordinator. Referrals can be made by family doctors, mental health specialists and/or self referrals. “The goal is to meet the needs of the community,” says Program Coordinator John R. Parker, who is a registered clinical counsellor with a master’s degree in counselling psychology.

With allergies are on the rise at this time of year, the immune system is in need of support. Naturally Healthy Clinic has a great team of doctors and therapists to get your immune system up to speed.

Acupuncture improves immunity at Naturally Healthy Clinic.

One of the many therapies that they offer is acupuncture. Community acupuncture means to treat patients in a group setting. This way of acupuncture aligns with acupuncture traditions all around the world. While in a group setting, each patient can rest during the therapy in their own comfortable recliner or on a therapy table. This enables team at Naturally Healthy Clinic to provide highest quality therapy that is affordable for everyone. Community acupuncture is suitable for all genders and ages, says owner Eike Jordan.

“Our clinic has a very soothing atmosphere and patients love to relax in a group during the acupuncture treatments. This kind of collective stillness is like a healing island in our rushed and busy society — rare and precious. Patients frequently commented that the group setting is comforting, and they often return for many more treatments together with their friends and family.”

Looking for a fun and easy way to improve your health that will also save you money and help the environment? With a pedal assist electric bike, you can experience the joy of cycling while still getting  exercise. An eBike is the fitness tool that you’ll look forward to using every day. Numerous studies have shown the many health benefits of eBikes and unlike the regular bike sitting in your garage, you’ll actually ride your eBike! According to Kelly Demoline of, eBikes have helped many of his customers become healthier — even when recovering from injuries or surgery.

“The great thing about an eBike is you can choose how hard you work. It is much gentler on your joints, and you get to see so much more because you can go further distances.” Pedal assist electric bikes are ideal for commuting, running errands, mountain biking, cruising and exploring. There are urban and commuting bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes for ultimate comfort and even fat bikes for riding on the beach or in the snow! Cargo eBikes are becoming increasingly popular as a car replacement since you can bring everything with you — including kids! It only costs a few cents to charge the battery, and you get the same health benefits you would from riding a regular bike, but now you have the freedom to go further, with a lot less motivation needed to get off the sofa.


E-Bikes are a fun way to improve your health at Citris Cycles, Ladysmith.  Photos submitted.


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