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Peerless Upgrade

Good news, bad news for users of Peerless Road Drop Off

If you are a regular user of the CVRD Peerless Road drop off, you may be aware of the proposed changes at the site. The CVRD is drafting plans to upgrade the facility to one of the best drop off and recycling facilities on the Island, it is just awaiting final approval from the Board of the CVRD. The new and improved Peerless site will have 15 bays for 35 different recyclable materials including asphalt roofing, styrofoam, and food waste. The site will still accept most items free of charge such as garden waste, electronic items, and most other recyclables. On site there will still be “free store” where the public can drop off an item that still has value, but the owner no longer needs or wants it, yet could be of use to others. Bob McDonald, manager of Recycling and Waste Management for the CVRD,says “the site will also contain an Eco Education Centre, where the public can learn more about numerous environmental initiatives from recycling and energy conservation, to invasive species and climate change”. Cost estimates for the renovations will be in access of 2 million dollars. It is expected the bulk of the funds will be achieved through various Gas Tax grants. The federal government has awarded the CVRD $950,00 already. The site presently has an estimated 45,000 tonnes of contaminated ash on site that was produced when Peerless had a large incinerator, used to burn household garbage and waste. Much of this ash will be recycled as structural fill once it has been screened and the metals extracted for recycling. That’s the good news, now for the downside of the story. In order to make these changes Peerless may have to be shut down or be limited in its operation. McDonald said “the site could be down for 2 or 3 months”. The plans would be for the closures to occur in the “slow months” of January, February and March but it could be longer if problems arise. During this time frame, residents of Ladysmith and area will have to transport their materials and waste down to the main CVRD site at Bings Creek on Drinkwater Road, off the Lake Cowichan Highway north of Duncan. McDonald proudly points out once you see the proposed changes at Peerless you will agree that any closure or limited operation will be well worth the wait. Notice of draft plans, conceptual drawings and a proposed schedule will soon be made widely available for public comment.

Peerless Road drop off will get makeover. Photo: Rob Johnson

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