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Sausage roll tasting

Last month we asked – where is your favourite place to get sausage rolls. Our chef doing the judging is Lance Ivens. As a chef at Fox and Hounds and sporting a British pedigree, he has enjoyed many of the 18 century pastry that originated in England.

Here are his comments:

Hearthstone Bakery, 155g, $3.25. Tasty filling, not too over-powering. Great pastry, nice and flaky, traditional size. Vegetarian version:  192g, $3. Lots of filling, nice spicy taste, great pastry.

49th Parallel Grocery, 104g, $1.60   Filling is nice and soft. Our judge found it a bit small but at this price, you could afford to have two of them.

Chemainus Bakery, 94g, $1.55 Nice flavoured filling, good pastry crunch.

Bouma Meats, 128g, $1.75 Nice ratio of filling & pastry.

Old Town Bakery, 111g, $3  Nice spice in the filling. Vegetarian version:  95g, $2.60 Nice, light flavour.

While the different sausage rolls represented various price points and sizes and they all have their own merit, there could be only one winner. For judge Lance it was Hearthstone Artisan Bakery for both meat and vegetarian versions. Remember, taste is subjective so get out there and do your own tasting.

Next we tackle the mighty Clubhouse. Where you go when your clubhouse craving hits? editor [at] take5 [dot] ca

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