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CVRD – Saltair Public hearings


Saltair Public hearings


Two public hearings are scheduled in Saltair in the next two months. The last Official Community Plan was completed in 2005 when community members and the CVRD drew up a plan for the future of Saltair so that the residents could have some certainty about future development. As it is impossible to anticipate everything in an OCP review, the planning process allows property owners to apply for amendments to the OCP and zoning. Public hearings are required before changes to the OCP and zoning, and input received at hearings greatly assists the CVRD Board with making land use decisions.

The first public hearing will be at Mt Brenton Centre at 3850 South Oyster School Road in Saltair at 7 pm on Thursday February 19th. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss Application No. 1-G-13RS (Saltair Self Storage- Bylaws 3783 and 3784). In a plainer language it is the rezoning of the property next to Byron’s Store from Commercial to a more refined commercial zone. This property is owned by John Morris who was before the community a previous time with a presentation. When the Official Community Plan was done this area was given a general designation of commercial knowing full well when the actual development would happen that there should be a public hearing to get more specific about the plan. John Morris is the owner of Byron’s Store and the storage units behind and he now wants to develop the property next door that he also owns. He is proposing a strata small lot commercial development where small business can own their own property and set up their business. Some examples of possible businesses are: artist studio, clinic, market, nursery, office, equipment sales, retail stores and financial, etc. So come out to the meeting on February 19th and hear what Mr. Morris has to say. Your opinions are welcome and appreciated.

The second public hearing will be held at the same location on March the 6th. It will be to talk about the former Seaside Manufactured Home Park site at 11255 Chemainus Road at the north end of Saltair. The old manufactured park was decommissioned about 5 years ago. The owners are in the process of re-developing the site for a manufactured home strata subdivision, but have requested a zoning amendment so that conventional site-built dwellings can be constructed as an alternative to factory built manufactured homes. The site is being re-developed, so the main question for the public hearing is, “should conventional construction be allowed or should housing in the MP-1 zone be limited to manufactured homes?”

Janet and Tim Evans were named Saltair Volunteer Citizens of the year recently at a CVRD board meeting. John Silins and Sean Jonas of the Saltair Ratepayers Association made the presentation to Tim and Janet. The Ratepayers have been making this presentation for about five years now to recognize citizens volunteering to make the community stronger and better. This is first time the award has been given to a couple rather than an individual. Tim and Janet were very active in Chemainus dry grad, Chemainus baseball, Saltair Pistons, Halloween and Easter celebrations in Saltair on many years.



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