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Editorial December 2010

A New Year! How Exciting

Twelve months filled with possibilities we aren’t even aware of yet. But we know they are there. And as the days unfold into weeks, these little opportunities often disguised as challenges will pop into our lives.

We had a very big pop – actually it was more like a snap crackle pop- a few years ago when our office building caught fire a week before press and we relocated to a temporary office provided by the Town of Ladysmith. We were flooded with support from the community, even some of our business “competitors” offered assistance. How’s that for community spirit?

Watching the volunteers getting the town ready for the Festival of Lights I am always reminded of what we can accomplish when we have vision and volunteers who know they are part of something better.

Getting back to opportunities … the fire could have been disastrous for a small independent publication. In TAKE 5 there is no “back up plan”. No head office, no affiliate publications, no corporate bank account. We grew up here. Our roots are in this land. Our content comes from this community. We thank you and the players on the TAKE 5 team.

What a great year it’s been. Remember the Torch relay and the Olympics games? The hockey game that had all of us holding our collective breath? How we all remembered how cool it was to be Canadians?

And here, the many amazing charity events hosted by all the great groups of our communities. We “walked like an Egyptian” across the Aggie Hall stage at the Ladysmith Downtown Business Association’s fundraiser, dressed in black and white at Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce Spirit Awards, helped Ladysmith Maritime Society celebrate its 25th anniversary, saw Saltair tum 100 years, and a new sportsplex open. We’ve seen our communities from Chemainus to Cedar to South Nanaimo become even more beautiful … ifthat is possible!

This is a place to grow. Watch out for those challenges. There may be gold in them there hills!

Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us!

– Marina Sacht and the New Year gang

About the author: The Boss

The Boss

Marina is Editor of TAKE 5 Magazine.

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