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CVRD – Area H

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CVRD – Area H

By Area Director Mary Marcotte

Boundary expansion | Library Services | Wildfire Protection Tips

Earlier this year, the Town of Ladysmith conducted an Alternate Approval Process regarding the Couverdon Boundary Expansion application to allow lands owned by TimberWest that are currently within the Cowichan Valley Regional District jurisdiction to be taken into the Town. Because the Town failed to achieve the necessary public support through the Alternate Approval Process, Council is now pondering setting a date to undertake a formal referendum process on behalf of the developer.

Prior to setting a date for the referendum, Town Council requested that a report on our local watershed, and associated water supply concerns be prepared. After the report is received by Council likely in mid July, and they have had time to discuss and consider the report, a firm date for the referendum will likely be set.

I recognize that this is a very contentious issue that has a large impact upon not only residents of the Town, but also residents of the surrounding rural areas. I will keep you posted as information on the report and the referendum date becomes available.

Vancouver Island Regional Library:

You may not be aware that the Vancouver Island Region Library serves over 430,000 people on Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii and Bella Coola on the Central Coast. The services are provided through a variety of methods including 39 branch library facilities, a virtual branch accessed electronically and a books-by-mail service. You may also not know that VIRL is the fourth largest library system in British Columbia.

One program that may be of interest to you is the eLibrary service. If you hold a valid Vancouver Island Regional Library Card, you can check out books, music and movies without leaving your home, anytime – night or day – at no cost.

While I have used the library for years as a borrower, as a recently appointed member of the Library Board, I am amazed at all the services, programs and learning opportunities that are available. There are lot of activities happening in the libraries that will be of interest to children & adults of all ages including everything from the Summer Reading Club to the Spanish Conversation Club. Visit – to learn more.

Wildfire Protection Tips:

Now that the dry summer season is upon us, I would like to share some tips on mitigating potential fire hazards near your home and outbuildings. If you wish to create a wildfire safety zone, you must first start with a general assessment of existing hazards. If you see places with a lot of downed branches, needles and underbrush, make a note to do a clean-up of the areas. Firewood should be moved to at least 10 metres uphill from your home. If your home and/or buildings are on a slope, extend the safe zone on the downside of the hill as well – since fire tends to race uphill.

We all love the trees that are part of our rural environment, but they can also be problematic. Trees and branches should be thinned to within 30 meters of your home. Removing tree and brush growing under taller trees and pruning branches within 8 feet of the ground will help to prevent a wildfire from spreading.

Lawns in rural areas dry out very quickly. Gasoline powered lawn mowers and weed trimmers have the potential to start grass fires which can spread very quickly. Keep a hose and nozzle handy. If you are doubtful about your water supply or water pressure, have a large barrel and pail in a strategic place or places. And you should ensure that your well pump is not at risk during a fire.

Have a good look around your property with an eye to preventing fires before they even start. It may take time and effort, but it could make a huge difference in an emergency. If you would like more information on fire prevention, go on the CVRD website –

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