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Federal Election 2015: Your candidates’ top five priorities

On Monday, October 19 you will cast you ballot and make a decision — make it an informed one. We invited the candidates for the federal Nanaimo–Ladysmith riding to submit the top five items in their campaign platform.

Here is their response:

Sheila Malcolmson, NDP Candidate


Environment: We can have a strong economy and a clean environment. The NDP will eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and meet our climate obligations by building a clean economy based on renewable energy.

Jobs and Economy: Our priority is creating sustainable, family-supporting jobs. The NDP plan will help local economies grow by cutting small business taxes.

Affordable Child Care: An NDP government will work with provinces and Indigenous communities to deliver quality, affordable early childhood education, benefiting our local economy and working parents.

Health Care and Seniors: The NDP plan will end Harper’s cuts, expand home care and long-term care, improve drug coverage and work with the provinces to improve the health of Canadians. We will strengthen pensions and restore the retirement age to 65.

A Renewed Democracy: The NDP will bring in proportional representation to make every vote count, work to abolish the Senate, and repeal Harper’s “Unfair” Elections Act.

Paul Manly, Green Party of Canada candidate for Nanaimo–Ladysmith

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As your Green MP I will work to:

  • Reform our democratic system to ensure greater accountability and fairness, by ending the muzzling of MPs, restricting the power of the Prime Minister’s Office and bringing in a system of proportional representation.
  • Promote a vibrant local economy by supporting small businesses and start-ups, value-added resource industries and the growth of food production on Vancouver Island.
  • Protect and strengthen our public health care system with a national Pharmacare plan to ensure affordable medicine for all, community care and home care for seniors, and more investment in health promotion.
  • Defend our coast by banning crude oil and diluted bitumen tankers off our coastline, stopping the expansion of coal anchorages and passing legislation to deal with derelict vessels.
  • Support fair trade agreements that will benefit Canadians and oppose anti-democratic deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership that could erode health, safety and environmental standards.

Mark MacDonald, Conservative candidate for Nanaimo–Ladysmith.

e-Mark MacDonald 2015

Mark MacDonald, former Nanaimo Daily News Managing Editor, worked the last 18 months to help secure a commitment by a re-elected Conservative government to provide financial backing for foot passenger service from downtown Nanaimo to downtown Vancouver.

Other priorities:

  • A long-term solution for derelict vessels, holding owners to account. I have already presented workable solutions to Ladysmith area political leaders which can be quickly implemented.
  • Keep Canadians safe at home and abroad.
  • Continue to manage Canada’s economy through the lowest personal tax rates in over 50 years and low business taxes, while balancing the federal budget. This gives people more money to spend, and they do. Businesses benefit by less taxes on profits, resulting in more expansion, more jobs and, overall, more government revenue to pay for social programs and infrastructure.
  • Universal Child Care Benefits and Income Splitting, resulting in as much as $6,000 less taxes per average family.
  • Expansion of the Tax Free Savings Account.

Tim Tessier, Liberal candidate for Ladysmith-Nanaimo – Did not submit by press time.

We encourage you to research and attend the All Candidates Forum on Thursday, October 8, at the Aggie Hall, 1110 1st Ave., Ladysmith from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., sponsored by the Ladysmith & District Chamber of Commerce.

A second Forum will also be hosted by the Department of Economics at Vancouver Island University on Tuesday, October 6 at 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Building 355/211.

Good luck to all the candidates and thanks for stepping forward to lead our community.

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