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World’s Largest Street Hockey Tournament returns!

The 49th Parallel Grocery and the Town of Ladysmith along with Paradise Island Foods are hosting another Guinness World Record attempt for the Largest Street Hockey Tournament in one day!

The event will take place in the downtown streets of Ladysmith on Sunday June 4, 2017. As well as the fun filled tournament, there will be a “Hockey Hall of Fame” at the Aggie Hall the same day

It was 10 years ago that Ladysmith held the largest street hockey game in the world with over 2000 players and made the entry into the Guineess Book of World Records. Since then the title has been lost but organizers hope this will give Ladysmith the number one spot again.

Go to the website to see how to enter your team and get all the info you need on the Hall of Fame. Or go to for the link.

Let’s make this another day for the History Books for Ladysmith! Watch the video: Ladysmith Street Hockey Tournament

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