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Rustic Farmhouse

The Mahle House Restaurant has a fresh new look inside.

Owners Stephen and Tara Wilson say that the renovations have been “better than we had hoped for, we’ve been planning and preparing for this for quite some time.”

“We didn’t want to take the house too far away from its heritage. The Mahle house has been a landmark of Cedar since 1904. In 1983 it opened as the Mahle House Restaurant under Tara’s mother Maureen Loucks and uncle Delbert Horrocks and has been serving up fine dining in a casual country atmosphere ever since.

They wanted to keep a rustic farmhouse feel to it. The end result is a brighter more spacious dining area. A new lounge area serves those who just want to drop in for an appetizer and a drink.

The star attraction is the use of wood throughout the dining room. The tables are all custom made from 90-year-old old growth timbers. One of Stephen’s favourite features is the bar top and drink rail made of live edge maple slabs.

“It is beautiful wood local wood, crafted 200 yards away from here.” The glass rack, all the shelving in the bar and the bathrooms are all locally sourced maple.

Wood came from Kevin Trotter’s Discovery Woodlot and Sawmill in Cedar. The contractor was Tobias Marcoux.

“We couldn’t be any happier with the way it turned out,” said Stephen.

Each table is unique. There are nail holes and burn marks in the old timbers. “We didn’t want to cover that up with tablecloths. The floral table cloths have gone into storage. We’re happy to freshen the look but some things will remain the same.” “The Mahle House will always be orange,” says Tara. And you can count on them for an exceptional dining experience. “We are always updating and experimenting with the menu seasonally but the favourites Porcupine Prawns, and Calamari remain.

The new lounge space will encourage people to be comfortable, to come and just have an appetizer and a glass of wine, says Tara. “Historically we’ve been thought of as fine dining and we pride ourselves on that, but we consider ourselves as casual fine dining so don’t be hesitant to drop by. “We were a little worried that there would be some people not liking the change but it’s been really well received with lots of enthusiasm, “says Stephen. “That’s been really gratifying because we put a lot of energy and effort into this.”

“The whole experience was really lovely for us because it came together exactly the way we hoped and even better than we expected,” says Tara.

Watch the video! Mahle House Renovation

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