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Town’s top earners


By legislation the Town has to issue a to report called a Statement of Financial Information, (SOFI) that lists who on the Town’s payroll received remuneration of over $75,000 in the last calendar year. It also lists how much Council members are paid and their expenses over the same period of time.

The following is from the SOFI published by the Town of Ladysmith.

The highest amount was for our City Manager at $149,064 (plus expenses of $11,468). Next on the list was the new Director of Infrastructure Services (formerly Public Works) at $122,791 (plus expenses $2,285). Others were, the Director of Financial Services $107,805 (plus expenses $5675), Director of Corporate Services $117,899 (plus expenses $2076), Manager of Human Resources $94,594 (plus expenses $5,318), Manager of Administrative Services $95,038 (plus expenses $2,169), and the Director of Development Services was paid $117,137 (plus expenses $2,266).

The increase in these staff positions and for Council amounted to an additional $32,308 more than the previous year. The largest percentage increase for staff was for the position of Director of Infrastructure vs. Director of Public Works ($8,219 or 7.17%). The manager of Human Resources went up 5.5% ($4926). Mayor Hutchins remuneration rose 5.6 % or $1,166, while Councillor remuneration went up 12.6% ($1,171)

In addition the retiring Director of Public Works received $75,296. The new Director of Infrastructure was also being paid $10,200 a month during the time they worked together.

The Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, retired part way through the year. His remuneration for 2011 was $114,400 per year or $9,500 a month. He retired in May, and his remuneration for 2012 fell under $75,000 the minimum reporting level.This position wasn’t filled for a year thereby saving an estimated $100,000 plus.

This year Council hired a new Director of Parks Recreation and Culture, who’s salary hasn’t been disclosed but is likely in the $100,000 range. The Town is hiring or has hired two more Managers, one the Manager of Operations for Infrastructure Services and the other Manager of Accounting Services. As existing manager positions are paying $90,000, these positions will likely pay similar amounts.

I have estimated that wages for non-union staff (these 10 positions) could reach $1million over the next 12 months. This is before adding benefits that are reported to be around 20%. This also does not include the Town’s regular union employees.

For a town with a population of 8,500 made up of 3,500 households this works out to $285 per household for these top 10 positions. That seems to be a lot of money and a lot of staff. At least that’s as see it.

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The Boss

Marina is Editor of TAKE 5 Magazine.

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