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Sweet lovin’ crow

 Sweet lovin’ crow

Easter morning, the long haired one and I were cooking breakfast for 14 in a fantastic place in Uclulet. My niece and her husband came in from outside where they had hidden chocolate eggs and other goodies in the salal, behind stumps and under rocks. Suddenly my sister shrieked. Crows were stealing the loot. I looked up to see a crow with a Toblerone bar fly by the window and another with a foil covered egg. My sister said it wasn’t funny. It was very funny. She had her breakfast on the porch, guarding what was left. About ten crows watched her from a scraggly Douglas fir. After the kids had finished their hunt and all were inside, the birds returned and scored a few missed pieces. Yum. Then an eagle sat in a fir and pulled apart a very disgusting, gray, slimy thing. We were told there were lots of bears and wolves around but we saw none of them. Love the West Coast.   

Sweet loving crow steals chocolate


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