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Here are just some of the hard-working individuals behind TAKE 5 Print & Digital Media.

Marina Sacht – Editor/Publisher

Don’t let that title fool you because our fearless leader is as approachable as an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Armed with a diploma in journalism from Langara, and years of writing, she landed on Vancouver Island. The dream job she wanted didn’t exist so she created one.

Prior to TAKE 5, Marina was editor of North Shore Magazine and co-publisher of Pacific Horse Journal.

Kim Black – Sales / Marketing

An adventurer at heart Kim has summited Kilimanjaro, dove with schools of hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos, camped with the wildlife on the Serengeti Plains and kayaked in beautiful Barkley Sound.  With a background in travel and tourism, and many years working for Canada’s largest magazine and book wholesaler, Kim is always available to help anyone out.

Give her a call at the office and we can tailor an advertising campaign to fit your budget!

Angie Haslam – Graphic Design

More effervescent than sparkly and more gothic than modern. Angie survived VIU graphic design boot camp to take on local freelance.

Walks the line between bustling motherhood and burgeoning visual communicator. Passionate gardener, chicken-whisperer, photographer and lecturer (well, to her husband)!

Looking forward to continuing to work with the gals at the office and watching her children grow in beautiful Ladysmith!

Rob Johnson – Photographer / Writer

Sometimes called “Mr. Ladysmith”, Rob Johnson is a long-time resident with roots going back to 1900. (Some say his roots go so deep that he has root rot.)

Rob cares deeply about the town and its history. He has shared his stories about the town and area for years doing harbour boat and walking tours for visitors.

Rob serves on the Town of Ladysmith’s council and many community groups. You’ll see him with his camera in hand so watch out or you’ll can be added to his Rogues' Gallery.

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