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Another Beautiful Day

Time Will Tell

Let’s take a leap of faith, and say we’re going to live forever. Here on Earth that is. The Hereafter  can wait while we make Earth our garden of heavenly delights.

One has to dream. I like mine big and fathomable, so indulge me on this one. Somebody, somewhere found the gene splice and DNA key, and we’re all immortals. Just like that we got what we wanted.

We’re here forever. So, what do we want to do with ourselves, and where to begin?

Well we’re gonna party for awhile that’s for sure. I mean we’re not just here till the cows come home, we’re here till the end of time – an infinite number of years lie ahead, so long as we don’t fall off a cliff or something.

Or have a car crash, get stabbed in a mugging, drown in the river, have a bolt of lightning smote us from above, or maybe a chicken little moment with a meteor ….well, y’know, there’s a lot of ways to go. But suddenly, going is a whole lot more costly, there’s a lot more living to lose by having an accident.

So maybe we get a little more cautious, consider our livers before partying too much. Maybe not sign up for that green chain or that job cleaning out chemical tanks, or that tour of duty on the front lines so we can get our university tuition paid for?

And what about having kids? I mean you’ve got all the time in the world. Do you really want to rush into having a baby when you’re in your mid-twenties? What if your son or daughter doesn’t move out, forever? For that matter, how are you going to relate to your beloved? Y’know, the one you married and promised to stay with through sickness and in health, till death do us part?

That’s a long time, forever.

I’m betting there’s going to be a whole lot less fighting if we stand to live with the consequences, forever. A fat lip can heal, but; lose a finger, break a leg, get a head injury, sever your spinal cord? There’s a lot of paybacks that we’re not going to be able to avoid in our personal lives, and then of course society’s going to have to adjust to a world where self interest has to be weighed against the common interest.

I mean who wants to go to war if they’re risking being around for eternity? And who’ll be allowed to start a war that risks everyone’s immortality? How will we learn to live with one another, with all our foibles and eccentricities and just plain differences?

We’ll have as much time as we want to dream, and pursue our hopes and wishes for a better life, but it might take awhile to figure out just what we want. What we all want. Quite likely the lust of power brokers, and money-love of the uber-rich, will teater and totter for awhile before going the way of ego-driven delusions of grandeur. We’ll all be in the same boat, so let’s get comfortable.

Our lives, worth so much now, will be infinitely more valuable. And to keep living we’ll need to consider a lot of things we tend not to give much thought to now. Like the 7 billion people we share the planet with, and the 1.5 planets it presently takes to provide the resources we use. Interesting times for sure.

Human nature, somewhat stubborn at the best of times, even irascible when we don’t get our way, may need to accommodate a lot more of its nature side. Not go all jungly organic like, but y’know, have respect for the greenspace, agriculture, fresh water and all the wee creatures, great and small. Our friends and fellow beasties on Spaceship Earth may be more important to our common future than we’ve been willing to admit until now. Who knows maybe they’ll evolve and teach us a thing or two …if we live forever that is. And let them live long and prosper.

Just a crazy thought eh. But what if we decided to plan and act as if we were going to live forever. Maybe get a head start on sussing out those elusive questions of why we’re here, and what life really means? Maybe find that eternal flame that keeps us warm and cozy in a vast universe that stretches beyond our comprehension, yet kindles our heart and soul so we want to know what’s out there, and who we are, and what we can be? Maybe even realize we don’t need to be immortal to know what makes us humans more than the sum of ourselves?

So fellow mortals, happy travels this Earth Day, every day!

Laurie Gourlay and Jackie Moad have worked all over the place, travelled some, and had the pleasure of fellow earthlings involved with environmental, social justice, women’s and community groups. Now, feet in the mud, eyes to the sky, they  farm 20 acres organically, and seek local solutions to global challenges naturally!


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