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10 Ways to Protect Your Property From a Wildfire

Fires are a natural part of the forest ecosystems in Canada. The burning recycles nutrients and improves the habitat for animals. It is also good for trees in the long run. It clears the forest floor of debris, allowing existing trees to grow stronger and healthier.

However, fires can also be devastating to those located near a wildfire-prone zone. Perennially, they pose a significant risk to communities and businesses located close to forests.

Based on lessons learned over the past decade, here are FirstOnSite Restoration’s 10 ways that residents and business owners can protect their property from a wildfire:

10 Steps to Preventing Wildfire

  1. Create a 10-metre defensible space around your property.
  2. Make your roof fire-resistant and clear away gutter debris.
  3. Keep embers out.
  4. Remove close by coniferous trees.
  5. Prune your trees.
  6. Keep your lawn mowed.
  7. Create a “bug-out” bag and an action/evacuation plan.
  8. Find a “fire-resistant zone” near your home.
  9. Work with your neighbours.
  10. Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage.


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