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Welcome to our first in a series on mobility. Here, we will explore the services and products available in the community that will make life easier as you struggle with the challenge of being mobile when you have been injured or ill. Whether it is a temporary situation or a permanent one, mobility is freedom, and I have learned that lesson personally this summer when I broke three bones and was not able to weight bear during my recovery. I went from being an active person to a shut-in over-night. Unable to drive, I became dependent on other people and saw firsthand the challenges of those with mobility issues.

Granny Go Go

You’ve wound up in the hospital with a broken foot and do not live anywhere near public transportation, and even if you did the cumbersome task of utilizing the system with the pain you are suffering and the cast they have burdened you with is just too much to deal with. The good news is that there are transportation services available to help you. Granny Go Go will escort you to your home, making all of the necessary stops on the way such as a visit to obtain a walker or crutches, pick-up prescriptions from the doctor for pain, or a grocery stop for some fresh milk and bread  if required due to your hospital stay.

The knowledgeable staff will ensure you are settled safely in the comfort of your home with all of the necessary aids near you, phone, wheelchair, walker, lifeline etc. Granny Go Go does all of these things and much, much more. They provide hourly companion services for shut-ins and seniors; and will visit them in their homes or take them out for a drive, walk, shopping, whatever they want to do. They also provide one on one escorted medical trips to Vancouver as well as all locations on the island. As long as a client can transfer to their private vehicles they will escort them.

Granny Go Go’s provides a competent and caring variety of transportation and companion services and ensures clients are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. 250-714-9715.

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