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Ultimate Spirit in Ultimate Frisbee

On March 11, Ultimate Frisbee is coming to the Stz’uminus Community School and students and staff are gearing up, and the public is invited to come out and watch the action.

The event starts at 10 am at the school with a traditional Welcome, and Dance ceremony. Then the UVIC Ultimate Frisbee men and women team members will be playing a full game of Ultimate Frisbee.

“It is the start of something special,” says Shannon Morrow, Stz’uminus Community School Athletics Director, and a big supporter of the game and its health benefits.

The game program is called “Ultimate Spirit” within the “Honour Your Health Challenge” and has been sponsored by ISPARC, says Jimmy Roney, who has played in four world championships and has been selected to coach at Ultimate Peace in Israel.

“We formed an incredible connection through Stz’uminus kids last year,” says Roney who is looking forward to building the March 11 game. Acclaimed videographer Nathan Kolakovic will be there recording the game.

Over the course of 10 sessions, youth will be invited to participate in “Ultimate Spirit” — a journey of learning elements of the game while exploring values of connection, inclusion, play, spirit, community and respect through the vessel of Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate embodies its values through Action: respect and connection to our bodies, mind, and spirit, community, The land (how we take care of ourselves and each other on and off the field); Connection- “Spirit of the Game” to act with honour and respect/ treat others as you would like to be treated; Spirit Circle (a practice wherein opponents stand arm to arm in circle and share their respect for one another) and Spirit Games (play, inclusion, integrity); inclusion of non-binary gender-identities and upholding the value of gender equity, wherein women and men play side by side at the highest level of competition; and play. Once initiated, Ultimate Frisbee will take flight.


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