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World Champion in Horseshoes

Ladysmith Horseshoe Club member Lindsay Hodgins won the 2019 Women’s World Horseshoe Pitching Championship held in August at Witchita Falls, Texas. At the end of the championship round, Lindsay, with a 13–2 win/loss record, was tied with Marlene Ray from Tennessee.

Lindsay won the playoff game with a fantastic 89.2 per cent ringer percentage.

Lindsay is the first B.C. woman player to ever win the Women’s World Horseshoe Pitching title. Ladysmith has a long and proud history of horseshoe pitching. The Ladysmith club meets weekly at Transfer Beach park. Congratulations Lindsay. The Ladysmith Horseshoe Club members are all very proud of Lindsay and her outstanding achievement.

The last games of the championship round had an interesting end as Joan beat Marlene with an 86.8 per cent ringer percentage, creating a tie between Marlene and Lindsay, who then threw 56 horseshoes with an 89.2 per cent ringer percentage (almost nine out of every ten horseshoes thrown were ringers) against Marlene to win the 2019 World Women Horseshoe Pitching Championship. An amazing achievement for 22-year-old Lindsay playing in the world championships in the women class for her first time. Lindsay won two previous Junior Girls World Championships.


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