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Publishers Notes Dec/Jan

“Out with the old …and in with the new.”
That’s what they say about New Year’s. So what does that mean?
It could mean all kinds of things and some not so pleasant…especially if you find your partner looking at you sideways.
For me, the New Year is a fresh start. It’s kinda like a secular confession.
I review my past year, tally up all my mistakes, throw my arms up into the air and move on. I traded in making resolutions for this fail proof system. Beating ourselves on the head for what would have or should have or only if … is pointless. Learn from the past, plan for the future and live in the present.
The past year has been an eventful one at TAKE 5.
We had the privilege of meeting an amazing group of volunteers as the Ladysmith Legion hosted the BC Legion Highland Gathering. It was our pleasure to be a media sponsor.
We spearheaded the first annual Home Town Tourist weekend. And yes that was me screaming all the way down on the bungy jump. Sheesh. I didn’t know my voice could carry that far. I think I started a rock slide. Thanks to everyone who participated in the tourism industry as well as the readers who came out to see what fun their hometown held for them. This year’s “Be a Hometown Tourist Weekend” is June 9 & 10. We’ll keep you posted or check our website for details. Thanks to the wonderful friendly staff at the Visitor Centre and the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce for your support.

Watch for the 2012 Ladysmith to Cedar with Chemainus Vacation Guide to be released in January.
We plunged into social media, and the web with an ever expanding website that has readers from 79 countries all clicking and networking and isn’t this all just so great?
So here we go 2012. Here’s to the newly elected and all the hardworking members of councils, directors and volunteers. Your dedication and countless hours make our hometown the special paradise that it is.

Happy 2012! Cheers!

Hometown Tourist weekend gives you a chance to discover the wonders at home. And boating is one of them!

  – Marina Sacht and the Take 5 revellers


About the author: The Boss

The Boss

Marina is Editor of TAKE 5 Magazine.

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