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Coastal Communities Biosphere Reserve project

Putting Special Places on the Map


Do you have a feel for the unique and special places around our homes and work here in the green lands between Ladysmith Harbour and Nanaimo Harbour? Do you think we need a Nanaimo nature reserve?

Are there overlooked points of interest, important historical, cultural and natural places? Or nooks and crannies tucked away in the corners of our neighbourhoods that offer interesting opportunities for an afternoon stroll or family picnic?

Perhaps a winding, romantic drive through the countryside or along a backroad, or maybe a hike to an interesting site?
We’d like to hear from you – and please send photos too. We’re looking to put a simple map and guide together that would offer everyone a chance to enjoy and learn about our home and communities in this mid-island region.

This region’s special places offer exceptional outings, places to go and to learn about the history and culture, as well as quiet getaways and secluded beaches – an Island paradise just waiting to be discovered!

Just as the Cowichan Land Trust (CLT) has done to the south we’d like to see a community mapping project take shape here – and we’d like you to help us identify the places that are important to you.

CLT found that community mapping boosts the pride people take in their communities, and puts a perspective on their sense of place. And local government, developers and business like it too – letting them know what’s important to residents, and helping to shape planning for the region. Mapping special places helps everyone appreciate the diversity in their communities, as well as the local assets that are often overlooked.
So, please let us know what’s special in your neighbourhood and across the region. Have a look on your road map, and explore…and let us know what you find.

Late in September, just before BC Rivers Day, we’ll be pulling all the suggestions together, and holding a public meeting to show the results. We’d like to share the knowledge, protect our special places, and support efforts for community renewal and stewardship.

We will be looking to partner on this project with local organizations and businesses, as well as government … TAKE 5 has already expressed interest in working with us on this project. Stay tuned for more to come.

For more information midislandcommunities [at] shaw [dot] ca, att’n Laurie Gourlay, on behalf of the Coastal Communities Biosphere Reserve project.
RDN’s Green Building Incentives.


About the author: Laurie Gourlay

Laurie loves organic farming.

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