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10 Tips to stay SANE – strong, active, neighbourly and energetic – during the Coronavirus Pandemic


How can we stay SANE during this crisis? With care for others, and a rigorous two meters social distance. We all need to imagine that we are actually carrying the virus, and change our behaviour so that we won’t transmit it to friends and neighbours. This means taking hand-washing and social distancing very seriously. Here’s how to wash your hands the way the surgeons do:

  1. Practice Gratitude. Be grateful that we have an amazing public health service, and health care workers who are working so hard to keep us safe. Be grateful for the utility workers, who keep our systems working. For the people who work in our stores and do home deliveries. For the people who grow our food. To all our frontline workers: thank you.
  2. Be Kind. Reach out to your friends and neighbours. Some people live alone, and may be experiencing loneliness or distress. If you need help, ask for it.
  • Call the Ladysmith Resources Centre (250-245-3079) or Ladysmith Family and Friends (250-210-0870) and ask if they need help.
  • Join Beacon Buddies
  • Take out a free membership in and use it to chat with your friends.
  • Go to, print the postcards, and leave them at your neighbours’ doors.
  • If you have a friend who is not social distancing, urge him or her to wake up. This is deadly serious. People are dying.
  1. Be Active. Explore our amazing parks, from Hemer to Stocking Creek. Cycle the new Saltair Rail Trail. Nature is beautiful. She is waiting to seduce you. Greet people with a smile, but keep your social distance.
  1. Grow Food. Whatever happens, we all need to eat. If you have a garden, dig a vegetable bed and sow seeds. Search ‘Lasagna Gardening’ on YouTube and learn how to build a vegetable bed on top of your lawn. Shar-Kare in Ladysmith and Buckerfields in Chase River have seeds and supplies.
  1. Learn a New Skill. This is a great opportunity to learn a language, chess, guitar, cooking, woodwork. Make a list of things you’d like to learn, pick one, and dig in. There are free on-line courses here:
  1. Deepen your relationship. At you’ll find 52 conversational questions that have been proven to create intimacy and closeness with partners and close friends. Make it a daily ritual over dinner.
  1. Keep Fit. It’s the best way to strengthen your immune system. The gyms and rec centres may be closed, but your imagination is not. Start jogging or cycling. Follow a Tai Chi, Zumba or Yoga class on YouTube. Try this 15’ workout:
  1. Keep Your Children’s Minds Active.
  • Scholastic is offering free-on-line classes from Pre-K to Grades 6+ at
  • 20 great home-schooling websites:
  • Today’s Parent ( has many resources, including the rules for old-fashioned outdoor games.
  • These museums have free virtual tours:
  • Fatherly has a page on indoor games that will give your kids exercise:
  1. Keep Your Mind Active. This is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of life, the economy, and the climate crisis. One selfish recommendation: Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible, an ecotopian novel set in the year 2032. If you have books you no longer need, put them on a table outside your house with a note saying “Free Books: Do not Touch until you Take.”
  1. Continue Working to Change the World. The climate and ecological emergencies are still real, and when we come out of this we going to need a new ecological civilization, with an economy of kindness that no longer sacrifices jobs, community and Nature for shareholder value. At you’ll find a Climate Action Planning Chart that you can use to start planning how to set your household on a path to being 100% climate and ecologically friendly by 2025.

There is a much fuller version of this titled 50 Ways Stay Strong, Active, Neighbourly and Energetic During the Coronavirus Pandemic at

Guy Dauncey is a local author, organizer, President of the Yellow Point Ecological Society, and a huge believer in our need for a better world.

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