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Green Thumbs and Sustainability

Keeping up with the reality of our changing world, members of the Ladysmith Saltair Garden Club continue to cultivate deeper understanding of how to keep our gardens sustainable and our planet green. Records show that the club began in 1947 as the Saltair Garden Club.

Over the years, practices have changed as we learn more about the delicate balances in nature. Where widespread use of toxic compounds was once common, we now work hard to protect pollinators, the food chains and our waterways. Each club year, September to August, the Speaker Series offers a wide variety of topics delivered by professionals, enthusiasts and experts — all of whom bring timely information that can help us get the most from our growing efforts.

Lessons learned include building healthy soil and using companion planting to provide crops with greater resistance to disease and pests with no toxic residues. Water conservation becomes a concern during most summers. Water storage systems, micro-drip irrigation, mulching and choosing drought tolerant plants can replace wasteful over-watering. Homegrown food crops reduce the need for transportation, assure freshness and nutritional value while giving great satisfaction to the gardener. We have been told of the nutritional value of sprouted seeds needing only a jar and windowsill.

The beauty of a garden is not just visual. From the microorganisms in the soil to the largest tree, gardeners are able to sustain natural systems that support life. Keeping the garden cared for is also a good physical workout for the caregiver.

For the members of the Ladysmith Saltair Garden Club, the second Saturday in May is a time to gather up seedlings, perennial divisions, big and small, and transplants to stock the tables in the Aggie Hall for the annual plant sale.

Lifelong learning is good for everyone. New members are always welcome. Come and grow with us.


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