April 2024

Did you know that green is my favourite colour? You may have noticed this TAKE 5 looks a little different. That is because this is our annual “green theme” edition where along with our regular coverage, we showcase stories and news in celebration of World Earth Day on April 22.
And as Guy Dauncey says in his article Drowning in Plastics “We need to be the change we want to see.”
This is a good time to renew our commitment to reduce the use of this substance that is having a catastrophic effect on our oceans, wildlife and our health. It is estimated that our children will consume about 500 micro plastic particles a day and up to 50,100 particles can be accumulated in an adult’s lifetime.
If that isn’t enough to give a person pause, I am not sure what will.
We need manufacturers and governments to work to eliminate plastic. As long as we keep putting up with plastic use, plastic pollution will keep growing.
Also in this issue, Nadine Wong makes a case for recycling, and reusing, and Kerith Waddington introduces us to a favourite spring pastime – birding!
We hope that some of these stories, and others in TAKE 5, will inform, and inspire change.
– Marina Sacht and the TAKE 5 greenies.

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