December 2022

It sits in the back of the office closet, a non-descript lump pressed up between boxes of old files and used computer parts. For most of the year, it is forgotten. Until Ladysmith’s Light Up night that is. That’s when a little Christmas tree, fondly called Kit’s tree, is uncovered, straightened, and set up at our office, marking another Light Up — and a life well lived.
The three-foot tree once belonged to Kit Willmot, one of our writers, and as so many contributors have become, a dear friend. Kit was a special light in Ladysmith. He volunteered, helped those in need, and did what he could to make our community a better place. When he passed, his family donated the tree to TAKE 5. Kit attended many Light Up parties at the office so it’s fitting that his memory remains with us, embodied in a tree that is still decorated by bulbs and lights placed by his hand.
A thank you to Kit and all the special people who are willing to give time and resources to make our community better. And thank you Festival of Lights volunteers – it was wonderful to see the streets filled with people once more and the bright lights shining. I can’t help thinking that each one of those lights represents someone’s time, effort, and love from the past, present, and future. Let the lights keep shining – until Jan 7, 2023 for this year!
We wish you a joyful, peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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