February 2024

Welcome to the February issue – a month known for love, and a month where the resolutions made at the start of January start to wane. I stopped making resolutions to myself and switched to “suggestions”. It’s kinder and we all need to be more of that – especially to ourselves.
In this issue, Elly Smith talks to our local health experts about Self-Care and offers tips and suggestions to help you in your personal health journey (page 30).
Heritage is something talked about often these days. The entrance to Ladysmith proudly proclaims “Heritage by the Sea.” But aside from making us “feel good” by instilling civil pride, is there a real value to preserving and promoting our heritage? Kerith Waddington sets out to discover what heritage is worth (page 18). And yes, there is an economic return. Something we need to be mindful of as a key player in marine heritage and tourism, Ladysmith Maritime Society, faces challenging times.
As part of BC Heritage Week – which shares its kick-off with BC Family Day, there are several events happening in our communities which you will find throughout this issue.
Finally, I’d like to welcome Susan Attiana to the TAKE 5 team and thank Elly for two years of caring for our clients and being a personal inspiration to always do and be better.

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