Aggie Hall and Quentin Goodbody

LDHS Receives Federal Grant to Celebrate Aggie Hall Centennial

The Ladysmith & District Historical Society and the Town of Ladysmith are thrilled to announce the receipt of a $15,300 Federal grant from the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program for the community to commemorate the 100th anniversary of construction of the Ladysmith  Agricultural Hall (Aggie Hall).

Aggie Hall is located on 1st Avenue near the roundabout and is an important example of an early community-driven building project.

The hall and grounds were initially developed with funds raised by the community through subscription and the sale of shares. It was built in 1922 in seven weeks by miners.

When the floor was laid a dance was held, the first of many that would bring joy to generations of residents. The Agricultural Fall Fair became a tradition that continued into the 1990s as a major annual event with extensive involvement from local growers, food producers, artisans, gardeners and families.

Today, the Aggie Hall remains an important ‘people place’ within the community, housing the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron 257, one of B.C.’s oldest aid cadet squadrons, and Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF) as well as hosting other community events.

The hall represents the fruits of our community working together a hundred years ago.

A celebration for next September is being planned by The Aggie 100 Committee, composed of representatives from a variety of community organizations.

The Town appreciates the efforts of volunteers in carrying on the spirit of this historic landmark in the planning of activities of celebrations, and in November 2021, the Federal Government of Canadian Heritage granted funds for the purpose of hosting this event on September 22nd, 2022.

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