October 2023

My kitchen smells delicious. The dehydrator is humming, the blender is whirling, and the oven is roasting yet another tray of tomatoes. Yes. It was a good year for tomatoes, garlic, apples and plums. With the fall harvest full on, this is prime time to fill up your pantry, bring out the dehydrator and the canner, or sock it away in the freezer.
And while we enjoy the fruits of our garden, we are far from self-sufficient.
Growing takes a lot of work. A lot. And my hat is off to the food producers. Farmers are our heroes. They toil day to night in all kinds of weather. They do this because they are passionate about producing good food. We are so fortunate to be located here, and with such a variety of markets and farm stands to choose from, you can rely less on the big chain grocery stores and put money into the calloused hands of our farming community.

We have much to be thankful for here with the abundance the Island offers us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and watch out for the little ones on Halloween.
I’m off to get some of that squash at McNab’s Farm. Hmmm…I wonder how pumpkin spice would go with that?

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