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Saltair is a unique coastal community with superb natural beauty, nestled between the urban centres of Ladysmith and Chemainus. It is a predominantly rural community of approximately 1800 people, many of whom moved to Saltair because of the panoramic ocean and mountain views, and rural ambience. Its location in relation to nearby urban centres, along with its natural coastal beauty, allow for a healthy rural lifestyle, with close access to shopping and services. It is important to recognize that, aside from the forest resource lands to the west of Ladysmith, there are three sub-areas that make up Saltair: North Saltair is the linear landscape north of the Davis Lagoon, Central Saltair is the semi-urbanized portion of the community from Davis Lagoon to the Boulder Point area, and South Saltair encompasses the rural residential and agricultural areas in the south portion of the Plan area. These sub-areas have unique characteristics. In interpreting the Plan’s policies, it is important to keep their distinctions in mind. Saltair residents place a very high value on the rural ambience of Saltair, and wish to ensure that the peaceful, rural nature of the community is protected. A main challenge for Saltair is that, as increasing numbers of people become attracted to its unique rural lifestyle, the more difficult it becomes to preserve the rural ambience.

Saltair Centennial Park, located on South Oyster School Road.

Stocking Creek Park, south entrance is off Thicke Road (off Chemainus Road) and the north entrance off Finch Place has nature trails, picnicking and a waterfall.

Diana, Princess of Wales Park between Olsen Road and Rocky Beach Road has a pleasant walking trail.