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Does advertising in TAKE 5 work?

Let’s put it this way, business people are smart. And they like their money to work for them.  Many of our advertisers have been w ith us since we started publishing  in June 1996. Now we like to think we are nice and kinda cute too but all that would have worn off years ago if the ads didn’t work.

TAKE 5 works because we take a large  targeted readership in your neighbourhood  and give them something good to read about their own community, written by people who they know and do business with.

Here’s some comments (and no, we didn’t bribe them)

“Recently I got a call to list a rural property. The seller reads TAKE 5 cover to cover and liked my ads. TAKE 5 does a super job with my fun farm photos. They always listen carefully to my ideas and then do their “magic”. My clients enjoy seeing their animals in the ads.” – Dianne Andrews, Pemberton Holmes Realtor.

Realtor and Horse

Dianne Andrews, realtor with Mereno her 9 year old Canadian that she raised. Photo: Marina Sacht





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