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Nanaimo Airport Report:
A $50,000 RDN consultant’s report, on the Nanaimo airport, was tabled in September.
Area A Director Alec McPherson noted that the report was complicated and only received a few days before. He recommended that a biased paragraph be removed, and another re-written, as they seemed to favour a free hand by the Airport Commission.
A lack of definition, or deferral to private interests, when it comes to determining ‘non aviation-related’ development has seen supermarkets, shopping malls and profitable ventures located in other airports across the country. The Nanaimo Airport’s location, over the ‘vulnerable and threatened’ Cassidy aquifer, has been a major point of contention in past community submissions particular to development proposals.
After a short discussion RDN Directors agreed to proceed to negotiations between the RDN and NAC. One public meeting is to be held before a final agreement is passed that determines the airport’s development criteria, and RDN zoning and jurisdictional responsibilities.

Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission: 
A new House of Commons seat proposed for Vancouver Island, South Cowichan-Juan de Fuca means that a number of electoral boundaries will see changes.
The local Nanaimo-Cowichan constituency boundaries would shift to take in most of Nanaimo, as well as Ladysmith and Lake Cowichan. Some concerns are, however, being expressed that present considerations for rural, town and watershed interests may not receive the same attention in the future.
A Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission public hearing will receive submissions, in Nanaimo, Oct. 16, 7 pm at the Coast Bastion Inn.


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